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Trip Style

Our styles of travel cover a whole gamut of travel experiences. To find out which one has ‘You’ written all over it, please do visit our offered packages page.

Travelling with children

We offer a wide range of Family Adventures around the globe with no age restrictions.

Travelling in a group

There is always a trip adventure to suit your interests and comfort level. Each travel package is designed uniquely to cruise you through the foreign land in creating unbeaten memories lifetime whether it’s only both of you or in a group.

Travelling Solo

All travel packages of caters for 2 pax minimal. We do not cater for solo trips.

Can I make any changes to the itinerary

The itinerary is fixed as per advertised and no changes are allowed.

Can I extend my stay for the travel packages purchased

The extension of your days will be arranged accordingly as per your request.*


The star rating* of hotels is mentioned in each of the itinerary for all travel packages advertised. The star rating of hotels is adhered unless availability doesn’t permit us at to book. Customers will be notified if there are modifications to the rating.


The flights chosen for the trips advertised are International best airlines such as Qatar Airways, Etihad, Emirates, Turkish Airlines etc.* Airasia is also used for destinations where it fits accordingly.

Room Booking

The booking of rooms is as per head count on each purchased package. The number of person in each rooms will be discussed when the ground arrangement is being done. The booking shall adhere to the rules and regulations of hotels chosen.

Selection of Packages

Running promotional packages will be advertised in our website and Facebook account. Upon selection, the process designed in our Online Portal shall guide one through to purchasing of our packages


Payment method varies between Full amount or Instalment plans*. The payment breakdown will be shown in the individual log in account when one has decided to purchase a package. The time frame to complete the total payment will also be notified to customers as they choose the flexibility of payment. Method of payment can be done via Debit/Credit, via Transfer or PayPal.Kindly note charge applies to any change due to added service charges by paypal/ipay88 or any of our other provider.

Completion of Payment

As one has completed the payment for the purchased package, whether in full or instalment; receipt will be issued and according to the time frame of each travel chosen, the ground arrangement and flights will be done and then mailed to the customers. Tracking of ones purchased package till receiving of tickets and ground arrangements can be monitored through individual logged in account in our website.


There will be datelines structured for each payment done monthly. For delayed payment, there will be certain allocation of days provided prior to the package being locked and till no further payment done, the package will then be cancelled. Notification of payment due and delayed will be done through e-mail and mobile message system. For locked out customers, one may call the office for arrangement of payments to avoid cancellation.

Receiving of ground arrangement and flight tickets

The tracker update upon completion of payment shall highlight to the customers on the progress of the ground arrangement and flight bookings. Upon completion, which is set at 30 days prior the travel period; one will then receive the necessity booking and tickets via mail. Any further enquiries may be referred to our Customer Service or Reservation team at


All purchased travel packages are Non-refundable except for certain scenarios to be considered.*

*Terms & Conditions Apply