5D 4N

Travel Period
1 July 2019 -
30 June 2020

Triple Sharing

  • Triple Sharing Price
    RM 2,950 / Adult
    RM 1,500 / Infant
  • Extended Stay Price
    RM 500 PerRoom/Day
  • School Holidays Surcharge
    RM 500 Nett
    * May be applicable upon final dates confirmation.
  • Travel Itenary

    DAY 1:

    Upon landing in Paris, you would be transferred to your hotel by an airport shuttle. After checking in your luggage at your hotel, you will be proceeding to start your journey by embarking on a 2-hour tour of Paris. During this motor coach Paris guided tour, you would be able to feast your eyes on the following landmarks:


    Located north of Tuileries garden, this is a prestigious square that is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris and ranked among one of Paris’s most beautiful square. You would find a column erected in the center of the square, which was built as a monument by Napoleon I to commemorate the Battle of Austerlitz.     


    The Paris Opera which was founded in 1669 is where the classical ballet as we know it today began. The opera house presents around 380 performances of opera, ballet and other concerts annually to a total audience of 800,000 people. This 1,979-seat opera house is one of the most famous opera house in the world.


    Located on the right bank of the Seine in Paris, this place used to be a fortress built during the medieval period. It eventually became a royal palace during the 14th century as it was used from time to time among the royalties in France as their main residence in Paris. Part of the building became a museum in the year of 1793, and it has slowly expanded since then throughout the whole building.


    Notre-Dame de Paris, directly translated to “Our Lady of Paris, is a catholic cathedral with French Gothic architecture. Within the interior of the building, one could also find a hint of Romanesque architecture with the naturalism of its sculptures and stained glass. It is by far one of the largest Catholic Church building in the world. 


    The pantheon church in Paris is modelled upon the one in Rome. It was first built as a church, which was dedicated to St. Genevieve to house all of her relics. However, after many changes, it now serves as a mausoleum for distinguished French citizen. This is the nation’s way of honoring and showing their gratitude for them.


    First created in the year of 1612 by Queen Marie De Medicci, this 25-hectars garden is split down into the French garden and the English Garden. Separating these two is a large pond and a forest. Besides the usual bench trees and flowers that one would usually find in a garden, there is an orchard filled with a variety of old and forgotten apples, and also an apiary where you could learn about bee keeping. There is also a greenhouse that houses various types of orchids and roses.


    The Orsay Museum, one of Paris’ most popular art gallery, is housed in a turn-of-the-century railway station. It contains art and sculptures from 1848 to 1915 and also has the largest collections of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces in the world. This includes Monet, Van Gogh and Degas, just to name a few. Every year, 3 million visitors from all over the world come here to have a look at all these masterpieces.


    Measuring at 8.64 hectares in area, this is one of the largest public square in Paris, France. Initially used as an execution site, today it is home to the historical Luxor Obelisk, which is around 3, 300 years old. This square is located right at the center of Paris, thus having the advantage of being close to many important Parisian sights.


    When translated to the English language, Champs-Elysees means Elysian Fields, which accurately describes one of the most beautiful venue in the world. This 1.9 Km long street is known for its theaters, cafes, and a multitude of boutiques. This streets basically represents the prestige, luxury and elegance of Paris and welcomes around 100 million tourist every year.


    The tour would come to an end right at the foot of the Eiffel tower. This tower which was named after the architect himself, has been a symbol of France and Paris for decades. However, it did not start off that way. Many were against the building stating that the tower messes up the aesthetic nature of Paris. What was meant to be something temporary now garners 7 million visitors every year.

    With the Skip-the-line entrance ticket that would be provided to you, you would be able to skip the entire wait line and go right ahead to the 2nd floor. If you’d like to head all the way to the top, you would be able to purchase the ticket to the third floor for an additional 3 euros, to take in the breathtaking scenery of the Paris city.

    Upon completion of the tour, you may use your bus pass to get back to your hotel.

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  • Travel Itenary

    DAY 2:

    After having pass by the Louvre museum the day before, today would be your day to explore it even further. The collections of artworks here are displayed on 5 levels, which are interconnected by three wings. With your skip-the-line entrance ticket, you would be able to get into the museum in no time at all. Once there, you can either opt for a guided tour for an additional fee, rent an audio guide for 5 euros at the museum’s ticket area, or you could opt to download their mobile app: My Visit to the Louvre so you will not feel too lost. Otherwise, you could roam through the museum, gallery by gallery, just enjoying the beauty of various artworks there.

    After the museum, you could make your way to the impressive looking Notre- Dame cathedral. It only takes 15 minutes to get there, and you can easily walk the distance. With no entrance fee required for its visit, it makes it easier if you do wish to make another visit there on your own.

    After lunch, you would be visiting Montmartre by using the hop-on and hop-off bus passes. This 130 m high hill is well known for its artistic history, mainly the white-domed Basilica of the Sacre-Coeur located right at its summit. There are two ways that you could explore this stunning hill.

    The first way is to follow the crowd and make your way up the famous hill, snap a picture of yourself at the steps and walk back down with the various souvenirs that you could get there. Otherwise, you could take the route less taken and enjoy the steep and cobbled streets of one of the most interesting neighborhood in Paris. Just make sure that you are heading uphill to avoid getting lost. Remember, the big white church is located right at the top. Once there, take a beat and just enjoy the picturesque scenery from the top of this beautiful hill. The scene would be worth the climb.

    At the end of this visit, you may use your bus passes to get back to your hotel.

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  • Travel Itenary


    Besides visiting all the monuments and iconic places mentioned above during you free time, there are some other must do’s here in Paris.


    Paris, being dubbed as the city of high fashion, is well- known for all of their high end boutiques. Instead of falling for the chain-stores that are strategically placed around the touristy area, follow the locals into the emerging shopping neighborhood like the North Marais. Here, you could get designer labels, high-end brands, accessories and even home goods without having to worry about the usual tourist crowd.


    Parisian dining is always associated to Michelin-starred dinner. However, they are several Michelin-starred chef that have left the confined and typical high-ended types of restaurants to open up more laid back bistros. Here, you could enjoy simpler meals at a more reasonable price. Among them are Le Comptoir du Relais and Clover.


    As tourists, we may sometimes put a big amount of stress on ourselves in order to cover everything all at once. This goes the same for the visit at Louvre Museum. It is almost impossible to cover every facet of the museum all in one day. It was not designed in such a way. Instead, choose the gallery that you would like to see the most and divide your time to view some other amazing artworks that are located at the smaller museum. You could find plenty of artwork in museums such as the Musée Marmottan (which holds one of the largest collections of Monets) and Musée de l'Orangerie. Even if you are not a fan of art, there are many other museums in Paris that focuses on lighter subjects like fashion, wine and money.  


    Instead of hiring a cab (which is hard to come by and expensive) to get around, do what the locals do and stroll around. The center of the Paris is only a couple of miles long, so you could easily walk from one place to another with the help of a map. Strolling around from one place to another would also help you in discovering quaint little cafes and enable you to enjoy some window shopping, not to mention walking off all those croissants that are sure to be consumed. For longer distance, you can always hope onto their metro train system.

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  • Travel Itenary


    You will be driven to the airport to catch your flight back to Malaysia.

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  • The pricing of this package is based on minimum 2 to go. 
  • Triple sharing is allowed. (RM 2950 for adult/kid and RM 1500 for infant)
  • Extension of travel days is allowed for this trip. No cost will be charged if customer is to extend on their own, but a surcharge will be applied if the extension is done through (RM 500 per room per night for Twin/Double Sharing & RM 801 per room per night for Triple Sharing)
  • For this travel package, there is a price dedicated for infant where else children's pricing is similar to the price of an adult.
  • This package is set in the country of France, Paris.
  • The duration for this package is 5D 4N.
  • Purchased package is Non-Refundable and Non Exchangable. 
  • Booking of package is subjected to the monthly quota availability set for this package.
  • Timing of flights are not upon self-preference but subject to availability and price.
  • Kindly add two (2) days for travelling duration via flight. Total journey would be 7D 4N.
  • Full Settlement of purchased package MUST be done 3 months prior travel dates.
  • Kindly note charge applies to any change due to added service charges by PayPal.

Extra Notes

  • There will be surcharge to school holidays of RM 500.
  • Travel dates should not consist of Public Holidays.


  • Return international flight ticket KUL/ CDG/ KUL with prestigious Airlines such as: Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, KLM, British, Singapore or Malaysia Airlines with one or two transit stops. Upon availability, timing and price.
  • The hotel rating for this package shall be 2 or 3 star or any similar standard based on availability.
  • Return Airport Transfer – shared.
  • Tours included:
  1. Paris discovery tour with skip-the-line Eifel tower entrance ticket
  2. 2 day pass on the Paris hop-on and hop-off busses
  3. Louvre skip-the-line entrance ticket
  • Takaful travel insurance (Malaysian only).


  • Visa processing fee (Non Malaysian).
  •  All meals for this package.
  • Extra charges for Outdoor/Indoor/Sports activities which were not mentioned in the "Inclusive" portion of the fine print.
  • All sightseeing, monument entrance fees and transfer that are not stated in the itinerary.
  • Tour guide
  • Payment of Hotels services such as Laundry, Telephone, and Minibars etc.
  • Miscellaneous charges such as (Tips, porter etc.)
  • Refund in case of matter arising within the chosen flights in terms of Delay, Natural Disaster, Technical error, Political issue etc.