5 best translation apps to use while travelling

A serious problem faced while travelling to international countries is understanding the language. Many locals take pride in their language and refuse to talk in English. Sometimes even if they wish to communicate with you, they are unable to do so because they don’t know English. This is where translation apps come in. In some countries, they are actually lifesavers. From menu conversions to asking about directions, translation apps can come in really handy. We researched various translation apps available in the market and these are the 5 that we liked:

Google Translate

Let's start with our good friend Google. Rated as the best translation app year after year, this app supports over 100 languages while online and has more than 50 downloadable language packs. It supports voice and text translation. Available for both iOS and Android users, this is definitely one of the best available in the market.


A product of Apple, iTranslate is for iPhone users only. It can translate more than 100 languages. The basic version is free while the Pro version is paid. It also has a special version for Apple watch users.

Microsoft Translator

Real-time camera-based translation, options to translate more than 50 languages, offline language packs, speech to text translations and much more make this app a hot favourite of windows phone users.


We like TripLingo because it is more than a translation app. It helps you adapt to the culture of the foreign land with ease. All you need to do is select a destination and download the pack for that place. It also incorporates a wifi dialer through which you can call home when you are connected to the internet.


This app is tailor-made for travelling in Asia because it can conduct visual character translations. It has a special feature for translation of food menu, which comes in very handy when you are travelling to countries like China or Japan.

Life of a traveller is becoming easier day by day. Hope you have a seamless travel using these apps.

Happy Translating!

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