What to wear when travelling in Eastern Europe

Exploring different cultures is an adrenalin rush. Doing so while blending in with a local crowd is fun. Dressing the part is important and shows that you respect other cultures.

Here are a few dressing tips to help you travel through Eastern Europe:

In summer

Summer in Eastern Europe is pretty hot and hence that's when the women wear summer dresses and skirts. Men in Eastern Europe do not wear shorts often. Although there are no restrictions on wearing shorts, if you want to fit in we recommend wearing slacks. Similarly, sneakers is not a very commonly worn footwear. Rather, comfortable walking shoes will be more acceptable.Most places get sudden summer storms even if it's a hot day. Hence, always carry light jackets or sweaters and an umbrella with you.

In winter

Winter, on the other hand, is pretty cold. So this is when you can wear jackets and sweaters and all the stylish winter accessories you cannot wear in your own country. Women in Eastern Europe are pretty stylish. So if you want to blend in, we strongly recommend wearing trendy outfits.

While hiking

East Europe has amazing hiking opportunities and the locals love to explore the same. As a tourist, you should too. We would recommend men to chuck the shorts while hiking. Full-length pants are better to avoid mosquito bites. Keep your dressing comfortable while hiking and wear breathable fabric.

While visiting cathedrals

A visit to Eastern Europe is not complete without exploring the grand cathedrals. The numero uno rule to follow for both men and women is to have both legs and arms covered. Shorts sleeves are okay, but no sleeveless dresses. Additionally, women should have their hair covered at all times and men should take their hats off.

t's all about being comfortable. So our last word of advice is to make sure you're comfortable. After all, you only have a few days and there's so much to explore. Let your dressing not get in the way of the same.


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