3 tips to prevent identity theft

Technological innovations have given us great things but simultaneously has taken away our peace of mind. While identity theft remains a concern in our normal life, we are most susceptible to it when we are travelling. Things like usage of unsecured internet, carrying documents, using a credit card are the main sources through which the perpetrators work.

We have compiled a list of things that you can do to remain aware and avoid any mishap. Hope you will find them helpful.

1. Keep the critical documents at home

While packing for the trip, we often forget to unpack and carry a lot of unnecessary documents with us. We strongly recommend going through your document pouch and keep everything that you will not require on the travel back home. This way, even if there is a pickpocket, you will not lose all the documents you have.

2. Access shared internet with caution

We are forced to use the public internet while travelling. You really cannot have the luxury of asking for private internet everywhere. While we often take the warning "this connection might be unsecured" lightly, it is not suggested. Don't log into sites which contain your sensitive information. The most important no-no is to login to your bank website.

3. Delete search history and cookies on public terminals

Don't we feel happy if we get a public internet terminal at the airport or hotel? While we will definitely not tell you not to use it, we would like to mention a word of caution. Please erase your search history and cookies after you have finished using the computer. While many public terminal computers are programmed to do this automatically, yet, there is no harm doing it yourself.

Finally, we would like to reiterate something which you must have heard many times. Be careful with your passport. Unless you need it, don't carry it on the road. Leave it back at the hotel safe. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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