There's something about travelling and street food, isn't it? There is no better way to experience the local culture than to gorge on the local delicacies served by friendly locals. And when it comes to Europe, things just get a little better. We tasted some of the best-known street food across the continent and here's what we liked the most:

Baguette sandwich in France

Being in France and not tasting the world-famous French bakes is a crime, literally. The streets of Paris has bakeries in every nook and corner which serve awesome baguette sandwiches. Packed with meat, vegetables, cheese and a variety of condiments, you cannot leave Paris without tasting it.

Waffles in Belgium

Who can stay away from mouth-watering Belgium waffles? Every city in Belgium has food stalls selling crispy waffles to die for. There are basically two types - Brussels waffles, the fluffy and light one and Liege waffles, a more doughy version with chunks of caramelized sugar inside. Both are equally tasty and a must have.

Souvlaki in Greece

Grilled meat or vegetables, onions, tomatoes served with french fries and sauces wrapped in a pita is what we loved while roaming around the streets of Greece. While the meat version contains either beef, pork, lamb or chicken, there are grilled vegetable souvlakis for a vegetarian too.

Churros in Spain

Enjoy a cup of sinful hot chocolate with light fluffy churros, often sprinkled with sugar from the originating country of the dish. Life cannot get better than this. While churros are available in several countries across the world, it is a different feeling digging into it in its hometown.

Currywurst in Germany

Germans love their sausages and so do we. This is a slightly twisted way to enjoy a nice fat German sausage where pieces of the sausage are served with curry powder and ketchup. Served with a side of french fries, this is an ideal thing to binge on.

While these are our best picks, the street food scene in Europe is in no way limited to these only. Each country takes pride in its own variety, waiting to be explored. Taste it yourself and make your top five list too.

Bon Appétit!



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