Travelling is all about feeling good. New place, new culture, good food, comfortable stay - it definitely is the best medicine in the world. And one small illness can ruin all the goodness. It is imperative to stay healthy to enjoy a vacation. Hence, we thought of compiling a few precautions essential to ensure a healthy travel:

Take care of your stomach

We know that you want to eat to your heart's content, and you should. Travel illnesses are often stomach related. Make sure that you have a healthy gut. Consuming probiotics before and during the trip really helps. 

Stay Hydrated

We are often so engrossed in exploring new places that forget to drink water and get dehydrated. A great cause of dehydration is flying. Keep drinking water and juices, it will help you in various ways. Always carry a bottle of water while stepping out of the hotel.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

We know you want to make the full use of the days you have in hand, but our body doesn't. It needs it rest and you have to give that to it to cooperate with you. Don't defy nature, sleep well.

Take precautions

While travelling, you are exposed to a variety of germs and the body will react to that. Take as much precaution as possible. Make sure anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizers are the staple product while you pack. Always drink bottled water. 

Spread out the travel

There's so much to see and much less time. But the body can only take as much. Don't create a hectic itinerary. Keep days in between when you will just relax - maybe shop or visit a spa or just have time to be yourself.

Keeping healthy during a travel is not an easy task. The longer the duration of the trip, the more are the chances of falling sick. Precautions are essential, because, as the saying goes - a stitch in time saves nine.  


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