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"We specialize in catering for tours at a fraction of the initial cost with the determination for the satisfaction of our travellers in terms of cost and pleasure."

TouristGuide.Asia is a network centred travel company focusing solely on Tourism Industry based in Kajang, Malaysia. We specialize in catering for tours at a fraction of the initial cost with the determination for the satisfaction of our travellers in terms of cost and pleasure. Our dedication to your delight is why people return trip after trip to enjoy the benefits of traveling with us.

The unique concept of our business in terms of building the world's largest network distinguishes us with the other travel providers in the market. The concept we rode on in initiating our business originally in 2011 was founded on the evolving group buying website model at that time where tours were introduced to buyers at a lesser price.

The workforces we have in TouristGuide.Asia are passionate towards delivering the unsurpassed travel dreams realization to each of our customers with incomparable packages and flash deals. The robust tie which we have with various major airlines, hotels and local travel operators within the country and worldwide permit us in providing our travellers with an incredible experience to cherish at all time.

The concept of our network centred business shall benefit our members in various ways once being registered into our system. The further their expansion is, it shall provide them with enormous opportunities to travel without hefty payments.

Be it if one is to venture the world alone or with love ones, we here at TouristGuide.Asia shall create a story; a journey of smiles to satisfy the inner dream one has to see the world.

To build the World's Largest Travel Network and to cater the most affordable travel to every walk of life.

Our Values

Excellence: We distinguish ourselves with the existing market through our vigorous commitment to excel and to enthuse.
Responsibility: We commit to provide the necessity of our customers through the dedication and passion of us towards the business.
Loyalty: We are trustworthy in all our relationship.
Excellence: We encourage respect in the diversity of human.
Excellence: We are hasty, cautious and pro-active in delivering to the needs of our customers.

Meet Our Team

Devan Kumar

Director & Founder

"When it comes to our approach, we're proud to say we're different comparing to the other travel providers in the market. We start by understanding you as our traveller."

Sharanjit Kaur
Chief Operating Officer

"We do the hard work for you. We take pride in preparing the best itineraries and travel arrangements to create beautiful memories on your tours with family and friends."

Raja Nur Maznah
Head of Reservations

"In times of need we are just a call away whether it's for your trip arrangements or in midst of trouble. Never to feel you are alone during your trip. We're there for you from start till your return."

Syarifah Nazhah
Head of Customer Service

"I am at your service. You being our contented customer is what business is all about."

Nur Zafira
Administrative and Human Resource Executive

"To bind the team together in terms of mental and professional support is what keeping the team spirit high to deliver the best for all our customers."